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Hi, I'm Berenice, I'm French-born, but have been lucky to live in South Wales with my husband and our two children for the last 17 years. I’ve been working as a professional wedding photographer for nearly twenty years and have covered more than 250 weddings... My experience includes studio lighting, fashion, corporate events and journalistic reportage. Those different genres of photography have helped me forge my own style + I can be responsive to any situations. Over the years, I have discovered how to capture the fleeting moments and reactions that you might not even notice...

When you work with me, you'll look back at your imagery & remember how happy and beautiful you felt and how much your wedding meant to you. Because a good photo/videographer is someone who will let you forget about the camera, so you can be yourself.
Because I understand the importance of this celebration, and because I know there are no “do-overs” when it comes to memories.

Natural & authentic imagery filled with love and real moments.

Why The fusion? Simply because still photography doesn't show the full picture. The video part captures the raw emotions, atmosphere and rhythm of your day. As I look like any mainstream photographer, no one would ever think I'm filming video. This is always a bonus when capturing candid moments.

In short: I am foremost a professional photographer that UNIQUELY add snippets of video into the coverage without the fuss and cost of a videographer.
Please do not hesitate to contact me.... I'd be happy to discuss your wedding and requirement. I'd love to explain my approach and care and yes! I do cover both bridal and groom prep. I'd be happy to explain how....
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